Our knowledge in different business industries allows us to provide you with innovative solutions.

We have been working and supplying high-quality products for the agriculture, construction, food, technical and aerospace industry and are always open to supply further lines of business.


We manufacture extruded, injection-molded or 3D printed parts for the interior (cabin/cockpit) of various aircrafts.


Our portfolio offers several products such as horse paddock fences, automatic feeders, poultry troughs, pig bays etc.


Our philosophy is based on a complex full service solution, which is the reason why our products are prominent on a global scale.


For outside areas of residential, commercial and industrial buildings, we offer a variety of extruded profiles (cladding profiles).


We supply the food & beverage industry with injection-molded ice cubes pallets and buckets.


No problem, we manufacture customized solutions.

Our more than 50 years of plastic knowledge makes us a reliable partner to work with. Our know-how allows us to be flexible an accurate when it comes to choosing the right plastic for your specific application.

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We stand for quality.

We are certified ISO 9001.

We are certified AS 9100.

Tell us about your goals, needs and requirements.

We will find your individual perfect solution.

Our Iowa team in partnership with our engineering team from Germany, will help you and provide you with close support to perfectly respond to your demand.

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Made in Houghton, Iowa, USA: Extrusion, Injection Molding, and 3D Printing.

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More than 50 years of plastic know-how makes us a reliable partner to work with. Quality and reliability is our main focus.


The non-disclosure agreements we have with our customers are very important, hence only selected references are presented.