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Quality products for poultry farming

Large range of automatic feeders, troughs & drinkers for chickens, quails, ducks & chicks – hygienic, practical and durable.

Popular advantages of the proven FS Stükerjürgen chicken waterers, troughs and automatic feeders:

· Particularly robust
· Easy to clean
· Easy to fill
· For hanging or with feet

The topic of sustainability is also very important to us.


· Organic plastic material based on renewable raw materials (instead of petroleum)
· 100% recyclable
· Improvement for the environment & climate


· 100% recycled plastic
· CO2 savings + resource-saving
· Environmentally conscious handling of plastic
Conversion of waste into useful products
Graffiti style: each potion is unique


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Chicken Waterer Frostproof

Organic Plastic – Chicken Drinkers

Recycling Line: Chicken Drinkers

Poultry Drinker Double Cylinder

Hanging Drinker
& Poultry Drinker

Automatic Feeder



New: Stuekerjuergen Automatic Feeder

Feeder with Hinged Lid

Stükerjürgen has developed something new to make your life easier: our new automatic feeder with a protected function of the hinged lid!

New, easy filling from above

No need to turn it upside down when filling – thus no loss of feed. Filling also possible when suspended. The feed grill is included and the whole machine is easy to clean.

Available in green/white, capacity 4 kg.

    Technical Data Mobilstall Mini:

    1.31 x 1.05 x 1.15m (L x W x H)

    Weight: 84 kg (incl. setup),

    Floor area used: 0.77 m2

    New: Mobile chicken coop made of plastic

    Mobile Barn Mini

    Keeping poultry in a species-appropriate manner not only requires a feeling for the right breed constellation, but also requires suitable housing and a functioning and clean feeding system.

    In cooperation with the company and poultry farm KERKSTROER we have developed the Mobile Barn Mini.

    Equipped with utensils for keeping up to six chickens, the mobile Mini chicken coop made of plastic, is ideal for hobby use.

    Scope of delivery: 1 x laying nest, 1 x feed container (5 kg), 1 x drinking trough (3 L), 1 x perch (1.10 m)

    Advantages of the Mobile Barn Mini: species-appropriate animal husbandry, healthy chickens, easy moving of the Mini, and advertising opportunity

      New: Stuekerjuergen Double Cylinder Poultry Drinker

      Chicken Waterer Double Cylinder “CLEAN”

      The name speaks for itself: FS double cylinder drinker “CLEAN” – the cleanest double cylinder drinker on the market comes from Stükerjürgen!

      • Innovative locking technology – making cleaning super easy
      • Easy to fill without turning inside out

      Our new 3 liter drinking trough impresses with an attractive design, the proven Stükerjürgen quality and a locking technology developed and protected by us, which makes cleaning even easier. Try it! Available in red/white, capacity 3 liters.

        New: Stand

        Stand for Double-Cylinder Drinking Trough “CLEAN”

        innovative base suitable for the 3 liter Clean double cylinder drinking trough

        • Reduces pollution
        • Water through superior potions
        • Better egg and poultry quality
        • Healthier animals
        • Easy cleaning
        • Made in Germany

        Available in: red, green or graffiti style from the recycling line


          … for safe winter operation

          Year-round Drinker:

          4 Season Drinker CLEAN 

          Chicken drinking trough heated to be frost-proof

          The name speaks for itself: FS double cylinder drinker “CLEAN” – the cleanest double cylinder drinker on the market comes from Stükerjürgen!

          • Heated drinker – no more frozen water
          • For safe winter operation, frost-proof down to -15 °C
          • Easy to fill without turning inside out
          • Durable quality product
          • Easy cleaning
          • Stable
          • Combination drinkert

          Scope of delivery:

          FS double cylinder drinker CLEAN with integrated feet, including power pack


          Capacity: 3 liters Heat
          Output: 15 watts Operating
          Voltage: 220V/12V


            FS Green Line | bio-plastic

            Organic Drinker and Accessories

            Proven, stable FS drinkers and automatic feeders made from bio-plastic, based on renewable raw materials, easy to clean.

            Automatic feeders with tried-and-tested bayonet lock, two-tone, with clamp-on grill.

            Slip-on and double-cylinder drinkers with proven bayonet lock, also suitable for hanging up, available with feet!


              FS Green Line | bio-plastic

              Sustainable Chicken Drinker

              Our “Recycling Line” organic chicken drinkers are made from recycled plastic!

              Responsible use of plastic is our priority – we give “old” plastic a new, useful life! In this way we avoid waste, save resources and protect the environment!

              Each chicken trough has its own unique pattern.

                FS Green Line | bio-plastic

                12, 6 & 3 Liter Double Cylinder Drinker

                • Made from recycled plastic
                • CO2 savings & resource-saving
                • Environmentally friendly use of plastic
                • Conversion of “waste” into useful products
                • Graffiti style – each potion is unique


                Poultry Drinker

                FS Poultry Drinker

                • Poultry waterer made of impact and break-resistant plastic
                • Easy filling
                • Easy to clean
                • Feet optionally available

                Hanging Drinker

                Poultry Drinker

                Hanging Drinker

                • Animals have constant access to clean water
                • Automatic water filling of the drinker body
                • Height adjustment allows absolute ground clearance for all animal sizes

                Accessories for hanging drinker

                Float Pot

                • Accessories for all hanging drinkers
                • Capacity approx. 7 liters

                POULTRY DRINKER

                Poultry Drinker

                Quail Waterer

                • Low, narrow edge for chicks, quail and birds in aviary housing
                • Milky top reduces algae formation
                • Easy to clean

                Poultry Drinker

                Duck Potions

                With float valve

                For direct connection to the water pipe. The high-quality protective grille prevents it from being used as a bathtub.

                Pigeon Drinker

                Pigeon Drinker “Diamant” 3.0 liters

                The must-have for the dovecote

                Our “Diamant” pigeon drinker is easy to fill and clean and has a capacity of 3.0 liters.

                Thanks to the green transparent top, the water level can be read at any time and the formation of algae is reduced. It also has a small carrying handle at the top.

                Automatic Feeders


                FS Feeders

                • With proven bayonet lock
                • For quail, ornamental fowl, dwarf chicks and chickens, two-tone with attachable grill, easy to use.
                • 1 kg automatic feeder available in other colors: light green, fluorescent orange, turquoise blue


                Automatic Feeders

                With lid and grill, stable design

                Can also be used with automatic feeding systems, stepless feed height adjustment possible, some also suitable for hanging up and available with feet.

                Poultry troughs

                FS Troughs

                For animals of all ages, alternatively with a feeding fence or rotating roller.

                Different trough widths enable optimal adaptation to the respective animal species or the corresponding animal age.




                For 1 liter and 1.5 liters. Soak as well as 1 kg automatic feeders, available in other colors.


                Drinking cup / feeding bowl

                The ideal containers for liquids or granular feed, suitable for show cage.


                Feeding plate for chicks

                Suitable for rearing day-old chicks.


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                We are in Houghton,
                Iowa 52631, USA
                on 1498 Highway 16.


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